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A tranquil & supportive learning environment

Stonehouse Studios offers a range of arts and crafts facilities for students to enjoy, and is run by artist practitioner and tutor Karen Bird, with over 30 years experience of teaching all ages and abilities. Students will benefit from Karen's uniquely skilled artistic interpretation and observation, with personalised instruction tailored to their individual needs and abilities.

Stonehouse Studios welcomes applications from students of all abilities. Please see our Courses pages for details of available classes and dates.

Karen Bird

Tutor Karen Bird has over 30 years experience instructing students of all ages and abilities in drawing & painting, pottery & sculpture, ceramic design & making, and glazing and decorating techniques. Her particular skills and care in kiln packing and firing make possible succesful finished work.

Karen holds an M.A. in Ceramics Design and a further M.A. in The History of Ceramics, and additional teaching qualifications. She has worked extensively to personal commission and has numerous private exhibitions to her credit.



"While Karen worked on the portrait busts of our children, it was astonishing and exciting to see how quickly and accurately their heads and faces grew from a lump of clay! Truly a rewarding experience, made more poignant by the original sculptures we have to keep, more treasured each year as the children grow up and change. (We chose, also, to have casts made which became wonderful, significant presents for family.) " - Mrs M

"Your dedication to your students is absolute, and I wish again to pay testament to the quality of the work they have produced under your teaching and guidance." - Chris Hopkins, South Staffordshire College

"I am very pleased to be able to recommend Karen as an art teacher. I have been going to her classes for many years! She is the most encouraging and fun teacher who loves to share her wide experience of different areas of art and sculpture. She gives help and advice across the range, from beginners to experienced artists." - Stephanie Kamm

"Karen created for me a very happy learning environment with plenty of input at just the right time, while still allowing me to develop my own techniques and skills. Her vast experience is a fantastic source of information and ideas and I thoroughly enjoy every single lesson." - Lucy Harrison

'Returning after many years to the freedom of 'creating works of artโ€™ was quite a challenge, with the pressures of work, life and family. Wondering if I had any spark left! But discovering Stonehouse studios has been the catalyst in administering a type of personal therapy. You get to recharge and reset by being immersed in a nurturing creative environment. Highly recommended.' - Rob Langston


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